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Whidbey Island Orchestra
The Whidbey Island Orchestra was formed in 2007 to provide quality musical experiences
for young and adult musicians of Whidbey Island and for our community.
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Board Message May 5, 2020

The Whidbey Island Orchestra has currently suspended all activities. Our Board of Directors is actively monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on our local area. We look forward to the time when we can again provide opportunities for community musicians to play in larger groups, for our audience to experience live orchestral music, and for our young musicians to learn the skills of playing in an orchestral setting. However, at this point the balance is very much on the side of protecting our stakeholders - musicians and audiences - from this disease, and limiting opportunities for the virus to be transmitted.

The Board feels that playing a woodwind or brass instrument is likely to aerosolize respiratory secretions, increasing the potential for spreading the virus. Therefore, we think that it is more prudent to delay participation by woodwinds and brass for now. We would welcome any information anyone might have on this issue.

However, a string concert in mid-summer may be feasible, depending on State and County policies and epidemiologic recommendations. The Board is currently exploring possible outdoor venues and programs, as well as a transition to full orchestra activities as Covid-19 is better understood and, we hope, controlled.

We hope that our orchestra and audience members are in good health and spirits, and can find ways to continue to include music in their activities. We eagerly anticipate resuming our full slate of rehearsals and concerts as soon as possible.

Whidbey Island Orchestra

The Whidbey Island Orchestra consists of strings, winds, brass and percussion of all abilities and backgrounds.
To join the community orchestra or for more information, please contact our membership administrator at membership@whidbeyorchestras.org .

The mission of the Whidbey Island Orchestra is to foster a positive musical experience for its musician members and for our local community. We perform for the love of music and for the opportunity to spread the joy of music to Whidbey Island audiences, be they residents or visitors.

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