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Whidbey Island Orchestras
The Whidbey Island Orchestras were formed in 2007 to provide quality musical experiences
for young and adult musicians of Whidbey Island and for our community.
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We meet on Thursday evenings during the school year at South Whidbey High School. All rehearsals will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. Musicians should arrive at least ten minutes before start of rehearsals for tuning, warm-up, and set-up of their stand and music. Music stands are available at the high school. Rehearsals will conclude at 8:00 p.m.

Holiday Concert, First Reformed Church Oak Harbor, WA 12/6/2015

Upcoming Events

Holiday Concert, Karl Olson, Soloist
December 15 7:00PM - Trinity Lutheran Church

Holiday Concert, Karl Olson, Soloist
December 17 3:00PM - St. Augustine's Church

No Rehearsal on January 4

March 2018 concert, Greats of American Jazz, March 2 Location TBD

Spring 2018 concert, Mother's Day, Youth soloists will perform, May 13 Location TBD