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for young and adult musicians of Whidbey Island and for our community.

Orchestra: Updated vaccine and mask policy; Halloween Concert likely to be virtual

September 6, 2021

Covid continues to confound. Our assumption, that the availability of effective vaccination would allow the orchestra to resume activities with a modicum of hygiene measures, has proved unfounded. Although the recent surge of Covid cases in Island County appears to have peaked ( Track Coronavirus Cases in Places Important to You (nytimes.com) ), it is clear that we need to institute a higher level of protection.

The Whidbey Island Orchestra Board met yesterday afternoon. We have agreed to require documentation of Covid vaccination for all orchestra members participating in rehearsals and concerts. Masks must be of good quality and consistently worn. Members with any illness symptoms must be symptom-free for 24 hours before coming to rehearsal. We now are planning to make the Halloween Concert a virtual experience, with no in-person audience.

We understand that for some members, these measures will preclude participation. Some will be unable, or will decline, to comply with our requirements; others may choose not to participate without even stricter policies. We are sad that this will happen, but we understand that each member must make a personal choice. We will continue to monitor the evidence and will make adjustments when conditions change. We hope that you will rejoin us as soon as circumstances permit.

Here are details:

1. Vaccination documentation: Members must have received 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, at least two weeks before attending a rehearsal. Documentation of vaccination must be provided. This can be a vaccination card, an image of a card, or a printout of the Washington MyIR record (available at Washington | MyIR ). We would prefer that images be emailed to tech@whidbeyislandorchestra.org, where they will be handled as privileged medical information by a retired physician. Cards can also be shown to Clyde Wilson at Thursday's rehearsal. Members without documentation of vaccination will not be allowed to participate.

2. Masks: Members need to wear masks covering nose and mouth when not actually in the process of playing a wind or brass instrument. Balaclavas, gaiters, and single-layer fabric masks are not acceptable. We prefer N-95 level masks or double masking with surgical plus fabric masks.

3. Bell covers: Oboes, clarinets, saxophones, and all brass instruments must be fitted with bell covers while playing.

4. Members with any respiratory symptoms, including sniffles, sneezes, sore throat, cough, or difficulty breathing, must not attend rehearsal until they have been free of symptoms for at least twenty-four hours.

5. Rehearsals will be held in the foyer of Island Church in Langley. Doors and windows will remain open during rehearsals - so please dress warmly!

6. The Board is in process of organizing a virtual experience for our Halloween Concert. We plan to perform in the Sanctuary of Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland, with no audience. The performance will be livestreamed and, we hope, available for some period of time on our website. Donations will be solicited, to be contributed through the website. We have not finalized details, but this appears to be possible. In the event that the Covid situation improves enough to allow an in-person audience of small size with appropriate distancing, the Board will consider this option.

We welcome comments and suggestions from our membership. Board members are: Arne Bergstrom, Clyde Wilson, Bobbie Mayer, Jane Green Hayes, Steve Tarr, Stephanie Chia (Josephine's mom), Allyss Taylor, and Music Director/Conductor Cynthia Morrow. Please direct email comments to membership@whidbeyislandorchestra.org.


The Board of Whidbey Island Orchestra

First Rehearsal!

Thursday, September 9

At Island Church

6:30 pm, tuned and warmed up

Vaccination, Masks, and Bell covers Required

New Scores

Hallowe'en Concert Scores now on the website

String “Triple Quartet” Performs March 27 at WICA

WIO at WICA December 2019

A group of twelve string players from the Whidbey Island Orchestra performed four Mozart string Quartets, including “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” at WICA on March 27.

Music director, players, and the audience were enthusiastic about the experience. Cynthia said, “The balance was tremendously good. I really did feel thrilled myself hearing the sound coming from the players. It was great.” Cynthia and the musicians agreed that the excellent acoustics in the WICA space allowed musicians to hear, listen, and adjust to each other, forming a tight-knit group. “We went from amateurs to professionals in one fell swoop”, said Cynthia.

Concert Schedule

Upcoming Concert:

Harry Potter Does Halloween
October 29 at Trinity Lutheran Church!

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