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The Whidbey Island Orchestra was formed in 2007 to provide quality musical experiences
for young and adult musicians of Whidbey Island and for our community.

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Member fees/ dues/ tuition

Although donations are growing, they do not cover the costs of maintaining the orchestra. Principal expenses are: insurance, conductors, concert costs (venue, programs, posters, soloist/arranger, publicity) music aquisition and storage. We have no paid staff. Business affairs of the orchestra are conducted by the Board of Trustees and other unpaid volunteers.

The orchestra is the only opportunity on South Whidbey for school-age musicians to participate in a professionally-conducted orchestral experience. In the Whidbey Island Orchestra, youth in primary and secondary school participate in the orchestra 'on scholarship' - that is, they do not pay fees. We encourage adult members to donate funds to the scholarship fund.

The mission of the orchestra is to provide musicians an oppportunity to play in an organized fashion. As part of that mission, we we believe that no one should be prevented from participating because of financial need. If you are truly unable to afford the musician fees for the orchestra, please contact a member of the Board of Trustees or the conductor/music director to arrange a waiver of the fees.

For member fees purposes, we divide the year into a First Half (October and December concert seasons) and a Second Half (March and May concert seasons). The fee for each Half is $75, or $40 for a single concert season. Additional immediate family members are charged $40 per Half. Members can pay fees by giving a check or cash to the Treasurer or Secretary at a rehearsal, by mail at PO Box 1451, Freeland WA 98249, or through PayPal.

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The Whidbey Island Orchestra depends on volunteer efforts of its members. Each member, particularly those 'on scholarship', should offer some degree of time, talent, or effort toward the activities of the orchestra.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

Social Media: Facebook, Snapchat, emerging platforms

Music Library - cataloging scores, organizing in storage locker; music aquisition

Publicity - poster and program design and content; picking up and folding/stuffing programs; poster distribution; Drew's List and other community calendar entries

Website maintenance

Concert reception: purchasing supplies (reimbursed), setting up/taking down

Concert activities: Greeting/program handout (and minding the donation jars)

Concert venues: Finding and negotiating concert dates/venues; stage setup and breakdown

Recruiting new musicians

Audio/video recordings

Board activities:

Setting Mission

Working with Music Director on concert themes and pieces

Negotiating Conductor contracts

Contracts and payments: Post office box, storage locker, conductors, website domain name and hosting, insurance, PayPal, Amazon Smiles, Network for Good, vendors, venues

Corporation and Financial records, analysis, and reporting - IRS, WA Sec'y of State

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